by Medusa

The bright lights and the cool air surrounding me, finally granted me the peace of mind I had been seeking for ages. It all seemed so long ago, yet again it felt like it happened in a flash. Tony laying there in his own pool of blood, as I cradled his head. The overwhelming grief more than I could bare. My mind had just shut down. The events that took place right afterward are still a blur.

A sudden noise startled me back to reality. I strained to turn my head to see who was walking in.

"Its time." A calm voice said soothingly.

I closed my eyes as I felt the sting of the needle penetrate my flesh. The hot liquid seared through my veins. As my past 4 years raced across my mind...

"Tony...Tony...TONNYYY !!! OH MY have to wake up. Please honey...wake up and tell me what happened." Then the blood started flowing. A huge puddle formed under his body, as I lifted his head to my lap, stroking his thick curly hair. "noooo...Tony...don't leave me now."

I was cold and it was dark now. How long had past ? I started to get up when the door crashed in. I was surrounded by police with guns drawn. Scared, I started to back away.

"Move and we shoot." one voice stated.

"Tony's dead." I stammered.

"Lay down with your hands above your head."

I started to protest, but the clicking of the guns told me I better do what they asked now. Later it would all be straightened out. But that was not to be.

Tossed into a cold cell, after being brutally searched and questioned. I was beginning to believe I had killed Tony. They sounded so sure, and I could not recall a single event. My mind had shut down. Deep down I knew I would never harm him. Tony was the only person in this world I cared about. He helped me forget the anguish of being abandoned as an infant, shuffled around from home to home for years. He made me believe I was someone worth loving. I could not have hurt him, no matter how much they said I did.

The endless trials were finally over. The sentence: DEATH

For the past few days I could hear the protesters outside chanting. They didn't know me. I could hear the prayers, the cries for mercy, but without my Tony, I wondered if I would want to go on.

As I felt the poison gushing through my body, my eyes flew open in rage.

"WAIT...I am not ready to die...I know who did this. I have to talk to somebody." I struggled with the leather straps that bound me to the sterile table. Thrashing my head back and forth, I tried to kick my legs free. I felt one begin to stretch. I focused all my will to that one foot. The leather peeled back. I then started to wildly kick at the other foot. The doors flew open and the guards started filing in. Suddenly they stopped moving. The room went silent. I looked down and saw my legs shoot out past the table. My arm straps burst away, the table started to buckle under me.

"What the hell is going on?" Suddenly there was mayhem in the chamber. Guards came rushing forward trying to restrain me, but my body just kept on getting bigger. Soon I would fill the room. Lashing out as one tried to inject me again, I was mortified to see him go flying across the room and through window. The room was filled with spectators. They all began to scream and run for the door. I spotted Tony's Mother and Father.

"Wait...Please...I did not kill your son. I loved Tony!"

They turned and ran from me as though I was some monster. As I looked down, I thought that perhaps they were right. I was now over twice my height. My clothes were suddenly straining for release. I turned to the remaining guards to try to explain, but they were all gone. A sudden burst of growth shot me up to 25 feet. My tattered clothes pooled at my feet. I began to search for an exit. On my way here, leaving was not an option, so I had little idea which way was out. I crouched down to my hands and knees, and followed the path where I saw Tony's parents go. Soon the walls became too tight for me. My shoulders seemed to be jammed. All at once the wall crumbled around me, freeing me, but also blocking my view. I decided to stand. I rose up and up. The roof of the prison was below my head. I gazed around at my first view of the world in four years. I took a deep breath and raised my face towards the sun.

"There she is!" I heard at the same time I felt stings all over my legs. I kicked my foot out, and the stings seemed to stop. The sounds I heard now were sounds of pain, and death. I had come to know these sounds well in the past few years, but it made me sick to think I had been the cause of them. Leaping up and over the roof, I landed in the prison yard. Some inmates were working, tending the landscape, when my abrupt fall shook the earth. I waved and leaped over the gates.

I was free....

Now to find Tony's murderers.

* * *

Leaving the walls of the prison behind me was the easy part. I walked through the township that borders the prison. I felt the ground give way to my footfalls. Trying to gauge my height I guessed I was close to 100 foot tall. The tree tops scratched at my bare thighs, I had no choice but to trample them down. It was so hard to get my bearings, when everything seemed so miniature. Finally I spotted a familiar looking cityscape. This was where I had last been living. I wondered who was living in mine and Tony's house now, and what happened to all of our things.

I slowly walked down our old street. The tarmac buckled and cracked between my toes. I knelt down in the street to peer in the window. I felt the buildings behind me explode as my ass bumped them. Inside my old home was Mary. Dear sweet Mary. My best friend for years. What was she doing in my house? I sat down and watched her inside. I could feel the music from her stereo vibrate the house and surrounding ground. That explained why she hadn't heard me approaching. The house looked the same as it had when I was sent away four years ago. It looked as if she had kept all my things. I peered in closer. She was wearing my clothes! Something began to gnaw at my insides. I closed my eyes and replayed the events leading up to Tony's murder.

Mary had called and asked Tony to come over and fix her car. She was always calling and asking him to help her. I felt so proud to be with someone so generous with his time. But that night he was acting weird. Mumbling about Mary finding her own life and her own friends. Now looking back I see how ominous those words were. It was soon after that I saw the gunman enter from out of the shadows of the dining room and point his gun at me. I had screamed and Tony came running in the room just as there was an explosion of light. Time froze. The look of confusion on Tony's face would be forever etched in my mind. I heard screams, before I realized they were mine. I looked to the gunman and clearly saw his face as he wiped the gun off and dropped it.

Now gazing into my old house watching Mary among my things wearing my clothes, I felt ill. Mary seemed to be talking, or shouting, to someone. I lowered myself to get a better view. My stomach rose up in my throat. It was HIM.

Rage took over. I ripped the roof off of my house and reached to snatch up that man. Angrily I grabbed at him, but he ran into the next room. With a flick of my finger I collapsed the walls and saw him trembling in the corner. Mary's screams filled the air, blasting over the loud music.

"Who the hell are you?" He shouted to me.

"Why don't you ask your little friend Mary ?" I snickered as I reached in and grabbed the both of them in my fist. "Now I give you both about 10 seconds to explain to me what happened here four years ago."

"You are suppose to be dead! We were watching the news when they said they had begun the execution. How did you get to be this size?" Mary again trying to steer the conversation. How I remembered that little irritating habit.

"Mary, tell me who your little friend is. And I suggest you tell me now!"

"This is my new husband Lew. We were married last year."

"Lew, nice to meet you " I began to squeeze my fingers around his waist. My anger boiling just below the surface. "Maybe Lew can tell me why he murdered my love and let me rot in a jail cell." His bones began to snap inside my grasp.

"Tell her! She is crushing me!" Lew struggled to break my tight grip. His puny fists pounding on my fingers. His legs were kicking out wildly as he tried to get away.

I slowed the pressure long enough to let Lew speak. "Maybe you would like to tell me then Lew, since your little wife here seems to be speechless."

"She made me do it! She told me just one person would be in the house, and to shoot that person. I had you in my sights when he came into the room. Too late, I had already squeezed the trigger. I watched you from the window for a long time after. Then I heard sirens, and knew I had to get away right then."

I turned my gaze to my best friend Mary. "Explain!"

"You had everything I wanted. Tony, this house, your job, which is mine now, too. I wanted you out of the way. But as always Lew fucked things up. He killed Tony. I had been watching from the shadows across the street. As soon as I heard the gunshot I called 911. With Lew locked away for murder and you dead I knew Tony would turn to me, and I would have everything I deserved."

"Everything you deserve. Well my friend I do think that is exactly what you will get!" My fist began to tighten around my two tiny captives. I felt and heard the screams. It felt strange, but it felt right. I continued to compress them, the screams stopped. A warm gooey pulp oozed between my fingers. It felt so exciting. I was actually enjoying the feeling of power and control I had gained.

Standing, I wiped the gore from my hand, and kicked the remains of the house. Pieces of it flew high into the air. Suddenly I felt drained. I began to wonder if I would be this size forever. If not I would be returned to jail. Shivering at that thought, I knew I could no longer stay in this town, or even this state. I began walking. Being more careful of the houses in my path than I had before. All the hate I had seemed to be released. I walked for hours. Finally I came upon a large lake, that looked custom made for my bath. I lowered my body into the cool water. The mud soothed my warm flesh as I closed my eyes, relaxing for the first time in many long years.

My eyes flew open when a noise broke the silence of the day. Looking in the direction of the noise I spied a tiny man in the tree just beyond the clearing. I sat up straight and smiled at the little man sitting in the tree watching me.

I blinked a couple times, looking at that tiny man up in the tree, not running from me.

"Go ahead and stare, I don't care anymore."

I could see he was shouting something. I stood and walked over to his tree perch, water cascading down from my hair. I heard the mud suck back into itself as I stepped onto the grassy bank. The cool grass between my toes made me smile.

"What are you doing up there. Don't you know I am a dangerous killer?"

"You are perfect to me. I always dreamed of meeting a giantess, and when I heard on the news of what happened at the prison, I had to come and see for myself. It was easy to find you."

"Humph! well go on now that you have seen the freak."

"No, please , just for a moment hold me in your hand. I can not go away now after finding my dream come true. You have to let me touch you to be sure this is real."

I grabbed him roughly. My fingers wrapped around his tiny frame. I remembered the rush I felt crushing Mary and Lew. I began to feel the same tingling as his body formed against my hand. Then a strange thing happened. I felt him lower his lips and kiss the palm of my hand. I opened my fingers and peered in at him. He was smiling! Of all things, when his life was about to end.

"What are you smiling about ? I could end your life right now."

"Yes, you could, but I would die fulfilled. You are as perfect as any giantess I ever dreamed of."

I stared at this man for a long time, as he sat contentedly in my hand. Finally I placed him gently to the ground. I did not hate anymore, all my rage and frustration evaporated. I felt more drained than before.

"Go home now."

Turning and walking back to my cool water. I laid down and began to think. What was there for me now. I was an abomination, a freak and a wanted killer. There was no future. I closed my eyes and tried to remember the days when Tony and I were truly happy. We were best friends, but we were also lovers. No one could ever bring me to such heights as he could. It was almost as though thinking about it now, I could feel him. Ripples of pleasure surged through my body. Low soft moans boiled up from my throat. I sat up and opened my eyes.

"YOU ! What do you think you are doing??"

"Pleasing my goddess. That is all I live for now that I have found you. The feeling of you holding me in your powerful hand was my dream come true. Now I will repay that favor if it takes me the rest of my days. You can do what you want with me, but I will not willingly go away from you."

He lowered his head and resumed kissing and stroking me. My body was on fire with lust. I was confused, but the feeling of his mouth kissing my clit was delicious. I closed my eyes again and was lost to the sensations from this tiny man. His hands separated my lips, sliding his feet into me. He twirled around, rubbing himself against each area of my opening. His erection slipped inside. I could feel it poking into my walls. Sudden waves of pleasure washed over me. Every muscle of my body tensed, then relaxed. Four long years in prison vanished from my mind. I had been so full of hate and rage and frustration...this was the first nice thing to happen to me in a long time. The orgasm came so fast and so intense I think I went into some kind of shock...not sure what was real right anymore.

After a few moments I felt his feet walking across my pubic hair and continue higher. Finally he came into my vision. Sitting crossed legged in the valley between my breasts. I felt a moment of happiness, when he smiled.