The workshop behind the scene

Construction of houses and skyscrapers – building up the scenery on the stage

I have added a few files with pictures to show you how much work there is behind all my studio constructions in order to have genuine building material that collapses realistically and for real. You can see the process of creating the houses and the development of building up the villages and towns in my studio. It gives you an insight how I build my single-storey and multi-storey houses in my workshop and afterwards how I arrange everything on the stage in the studio. Just take a look at these photos.


If you are interested in getting to know some more details, here they are:
It took me about one whole year to find my “recipe” for the material that is stable and unstable at the same time: stable enough to build multi-storey houses and unstable enough so that a Giantess can destroy it easily and without hurting herself. The “walls” are so delicate that they break when you take and lift them from a wrong angle. I use a concrete mixer to create the material, which has to dry in wooden boards. The first critical point is to get it out of there without turning it into rubble or dust. When you make them stand on your hand, they collapse from their own weight. It took me quite a while to work with them effectively – from breaking 90% of them at the beginning to about 5% now when building houses.


There is always dust in the workshop and also in the studio, so a strong vacuum cleaner is a very important device. When “Amy & Zoe” while “looking for their cheating husbands” crushed a skyscraper between their hips, I could hardly see anything because of the dust cloud created by the collapsing building. And it is of course very bad for the 3-4 cameras I use simultaneously. But it is real!

There is nothing of that quality of building material on the market anywhere that you could simply buy and use, at least nothing affordable for my productions. So I have to create everything myself, which gives me a big chance to be creative and realise my dreams and ideas, but on the other hand it also takes a lot of time, money and energy to keep it going.

The present economic situation may oblige me to close down my film productions within this year (2016).