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Part Four – United in Chaos (8 min.)

After stepping on some houses and the people inside, the two Giantesses investigate one particular skyscraper. The owner watches in horror, shouting at them to stop their destructive behaviour, but to no avail. They batter the building with their hands and feet making the building sway while all the trees around are crushed and flattened under their giant feet.

Inside are desperate people who have no chance of escape. Some of them just fall out of the window when the building is swaying heavily.  Their continuous hitting and kicking kills some people inside. They then smash the building with their hips and it crashes to the ground, completely turning into rubble. Jack is again hiding behind a wall observing his wife and her friend wreaking havoc. They haven’t found their husbands yet but they are having fun and are going to continue.

Amy and Zoe (4/12)
8.00 min
670 MB
8 Euros
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