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Having had enormous fun destroying the people and property of this unfortunate village, Lina is feeling rather hot. She strips down to her skimpy underwear and feeling better, looks for more mischief.

She has fun picking up some cars and their occupants and squeezing them between her voluptuous breasts. She also enjoys poking her fingers through the windows of the houses she is hovering above while enjoying the terrified screams emanating from between her breasts.

During all this, an Italian womanizer named Walter has been trying to gain her attention from below her enormous bottom. Walter is mesmerized by her beautiful bare buttocks and enormous feet. Lina is vaguely aware of Walter, but chooses to ignore him for the moment.

Walter's girlfriend appears and is horrified at his behaviour. She shouts at him to get away before he is killed. Walter ignores her, and as Lina decides to change position, Walter's safety is put in real jeopardy.

Lina & Lori - Episode 3 (of 8)
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