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This Giantess movie shows Lina, a young and sexy giantess with enormous boobs, who is walking through the countryside, looking at the sky and dreaming about who knows what. When suddenly she hears screams from below and looks down, she realises that she has inadvertently stepped into a small town and is standing on two crushed houses and a few people. With a mischievous smile on her lips she takes a tour around that town, leaving a trail of destruction. Her feet are bigger than most trees and the people are too slow to escape her long strides. When she is back in the centre, she starts to target injured people or first-aid helpers with her feet and presses them into the soft tarmac, leaving nothing but red stains on the ruined surface of the street.

After this she feels even hotter and takes off her dress.

(to be continued)

Lina & Lori - Episode 1 (of 8)
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