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After joyfully sitting on and crushing a house and its occupants, Page's attention is drawn to an approaching car. She smiles in anticipation.

The shocked driver tries desperately to stop, but is too late as Page's giant hand reaches down to claim him. Giggling, she pushes the car around like a child's toy, then getting rather bored decides to use her feet. The terrified driver looks on helplessly as Page's giant toes caress the car. Then she starts to push and pull the car with her foot. The driver screams in fear as he tumbles around inside.

Page then decides to get more personal and lifts the car up to her face to get a better look at her latest victim. She giggles as she watches him tumble and scream. Eventually the driver can take no more of her torment, and forcing the door open leaps out, plummeting to the ground. Page being somewhat disappointed that her fun has been interrupted, decides to crush the car into a tiny ball of metal. She then drops the crumpled wreck to the ground and crushes it and the driver under foot. She enjoys the sensation of the driver's body squashing beneath her foot.

During all of this drama, Page's 'boyfriend' looks on and wonders what she has in store for him. Page kicks the remains of the car up the road and turns her attention back to the boyfriend...

GTS Page – Part 4
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