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While she is talking to her new boyfriend Tom, two men in the street are shooting at her. She turns around, crushes the first one under foot and chases the other one up to his house. Leaning onto his house, her boobs put pressure on the roof. When he complains about her boobs, she misunderstands him, takes off her bra, takes it over to her boyfriend and comes back. On her way, another house gets completed destroyed by her careless feet. Now she enjoys the full sensation of her bare breasts crushing the roof very slowly while the little man is getting more and more desperate. When she is done with the roof, she crouches down, her thighs scissor the building and make it collapse. Then her feet are doing the final job of flattening the ruins. In the end the little man also becomes a victim of her destructive action.

GTS Page – Part 2
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